Point Financial Welcomes LensVector to Family of Portfolio Companies with $2.2M Growth Capital Loan

LensVector has developed breakthrough optical technology that can shape, steer and focus light without mechanical movement. LensVector replaces the complex, bulky and often fragile mechanical systems of a camera module with simple, solid-state components that are dramatically smaller, more reliable and easier to integrate than current offerings. LensVector technology allows miniature camera manufacturers to add optical features, like autofocus, automacro and video focus, without significantly increasing the size, weight or cost of the camera. LensVector’s vision is to replace all mechanical aspects of cameras with solid-state alternatives.


Nearly everyone has a mobile phone, and increasingly nearly every phone has at least one camera. In 2009 more than a billion camera modules shipped worldwide in mobile phones, notebook computers and other consumer electronics devices. By 2014, analysts expect camera module shipments to exceed 2.5 billion units.

Not only are camera module units increasing dramatically, but the quality of the imaging is also improving rapidly, with 5- and 8-megapixel camera modules being mainstream in smart phones today. At these resolutions the need to focus the camera becomes paramount to use applications like barcode reading or scan business cards.

This combination of dramatic increases in camera module unit volumes and sensor resolutions has created an urgent demand for an affordable, highly-scalable autofocus mechanism – a demand which is poorly served by current mechanical systems. LensVector delivers solid-state solutions for autofocus and other advanced optical features in form factors that make them affordable and practical for everyone.

LensVector AutoFocus is the world’s smallest autofocus device. LensVector’s patented technology transforms a simple liquid crystal cell into a variable focus lens when a small control voltage is applied. Because the resulting solid-state autofocus element has no motor or moving parts, it is more rugged and reliable than mechanical alternatives.

LensVector employs proven, highly-scalable production techniques from the LCD and semiconductor packaging industries that are widely used in mobile phone and consumer electronics manufacturing. The company manufactures its autofocus components in large arrays, similar to semiconductor wafers. LensVector sells these components to camera module integrators and other suppliers in the mobile handset and consumer electronics supply chain.


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