We take pride in being open to new opportunities in every industry to produce the most variety and diversification possible for our investors. However, our typical portfolio companies are privately held development-stage organizations backed by reputable venture capital firms in emerging software, technology, healthcare, alternative energy, bio-tech and cleantech industries.

Adaptable Funding to fit your Capital Needs

PFI offers customized financing options to emerging market companies for a range of business activities, including Growth Capital, Equipment Financing/ Venture Leasing, and Venture Debt. 

What makes PFI strong is our 35-year track record consisting of no losses, no bad debt, it’s fortified industry relationships and the fact that we have initiated every investment in our portfolio with our own capital. We operate as a boutique family office, so that all clients deal directly with the principle decision makers, giving us the ability to analyze an opportunity quickly and create a custom designed financial solution that makes sense for our clients as well as our investors.