Institutional Investment Partners

The following is a sample of institutional investment partners that have deployed capital with Point Financial. As testament to the creditworthiness of the organization, Point Financial has repaid over $300 million to these entities with no delinquencies, defaults or modifications:

Icon: institutionAll Saints Foundation Investment Fund

Icon: institutionBLI Investments

Icon: institutionCIT Group

Icon: institutionComerica

Icon: institutionCrown Bank Leasing

Icon: institutionFabian Family Office

Icon: institutionFinova

Icon: institutionFirst Bank of Highland Park

Icon: institutionGE Capital

Icon: institutionHeller Financial

Icon: institutionIcon Capital

Icon: institutionImperial Bank

Icon: institutionInterfirst Bank of Texas

Icon: institutionUS Leasing

Icon: institutionKeyCorp Leasing

Icon: institutionLyon Credit Corp

Icon: institutionMagna Carta Insurance

Icon: institutionMetLife Capital

Icon: institutionMutual of Omaha Bank

Icon: institutionNational Bank of Arizona

Icon: institutionNew England Capital Corp.

Icon: institutionORIX USA

Icon: institutionPullman Bank

Icon: institutionRio Salado Bank

Icon: institutionSequel Capital

Icon: institutionSovereign Bank

Icon: institutionTransamerica Capital