The alternative investments provided by Point Financial, Inc. allow investors to diversify into assets that are not correlated with the traditional publicly traded equity and debt markets and are not generally available to typical retail investors.

By adding non-correlated assets (moving away from a stock market based portfolio) and investing in privately-owned companies, speculative market risk is drastically reduced and PFI is able to present meaningful opportunities for Alpha generation. With proper balancing, the addition of alternative assets can create a much more calculated risk and significantly reduce portfolio volatility, while increasing expected returns.

PFI believes in protecting our investors and portfolio holdings alike, which is why we typically secure real assets and collateral in the companies that benefit from our financial support and management expertise. It’s this component that allows PFI to create the unique portfolio arrangements that help to produce such a market-safe investment for our clients.

PFI has returned every dollar of our investors original principal with interest, to over 100 high net worth individuals, family offices, and institutional partners since our inception over 30 years ago.

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